The Grand voyage: Quick update

Hey there, just wanted to share a quick update with you while I'm working on part 5.

First of all, I'm going to reward you every time you make the right decision. Yeah, that's right, you big bois 'n gurls will be rewarded every time you pick the right person or option!

I'll start with 3 ref, every time the right answer has the most votes on the poll, I'll add one ref to the prize pool next raffle. Seems cool right? Now even the people who don't give a flying fuck about the story have a reason to vote for the right person instead of the guy with the funny name! Don't you hide it from me, I know you guys did exactly that. I'll also move the hint from the entered message to the normal raffle message, so you can give it a quick look and vote for the right option.

I'll cap it to 5 refs per raffle tho, maybe even 6 or 7, maybe even more if you guys do exceptionally well. I'm sorry, but I'm too cheapskate to keep 20+ refs per episode up for like, 40+ chapters. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe some special encounters will have even better rewards, we'll see about that.

But hey, every time the wrong answer wins, I'll remove one ref from the prize pool next raffle. Gives you guys more motivation to vote right, and gives me more motivation to save my bank account balance and make our quest a little harder.

To avoid spoilers, next raffle will contain the 3 raffle reward, the raffle after that one will contain your prize. So, the next part (part 5) will contain 3 ref, part 6 will contain 2 or 4 ref, it depends on Blasphemo being the right choice or not. Part 7 will contain the reward/penalty of part 5 etc.

Next, I've made a little encyclopedia. I love world building a little too much I guess. You can find it over here. It'll be updated every time the party encounters a new creature.

Last but not least, I found this very deep and meaningful poll while browsing my polls. Pretty cool.

TL;DR, The prize pool increases every time a right answer wins, the prize pool depletes every time a wrong answer wins.
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yes: 106
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