So, I watched The Bridge on the River Kwai

[MAJOR spoilers ahoy!]
Set in a Japanese WWII POW camp in Burma, the story centers around a squadron of Brits and their leader, Col. Nicholson, who intentionally gets themselves captured and then stationed at the camp, led by one Col. Saito. The objective of this tactical surrender is to gather intelligence about a bridge the Japanese forces are building with the help of captive soldiers; one of whom, an American named Shears, managed to barely escape and is luckily found later on by British forces. In the meantime, Nicholson and his regiment are tasked to work on said bridge, but deciding to take pride in their work, they opt to build a proper one instead of the lacklustre job they were handed to do by Saito's men. Unbeknownst to them, their art of marvel is the main target of a British sabotage team, who have taken the reluctant Shears with them to strike down on their enemy, unaware that in doing so they're going to harm the wounded Brits that are to be transported on the first train. While based on the real life Burma Railway, the setting is entirely fictional, with interesting characters to boot: most notably being the prim and proper Nicholson, who values honor and duty first and foremost; in stark contrast to Shears, whose first priority is getting the hell outta there (let's also not forget to mention Saito, who despite being a ruthless leader committing war crimes by forcing officers to hard manual labor, still has some venerable qualities). While in itself the story is intriguing, having its own amusing moments here and there, the ending was came completely outta nowhere, and damn, that was a pretty good twist on the story there. There are a few smaller things that I also enjoyed, like the small bit of romance between Joyce and the Siamese woman, but I'll leave that on the backburner to save space. In the end, great film documenting a piece of history (even if it's through a fictional account) you don't really get to hear about, do recommend
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