Talk about anything you want and I'll listen #91

Hello, hello! Sash here, asking you as always, what is on your mind?

On today's episode of Sash's life, I'll be spending even more time programming some vr mechanics I thought of and honestly so far its been more than fun and awesome in general- I am loving it, absolutely amazing, even though its quite hard to get into. Also I'll be driving later today and more gym as always! Basically, life goes on haha-

But enough about me, what have YOU been up to! Hopefully everything is going nicely over there, and if it isn't I am here and ready to listen!
Treat these raffles as just a place to share whatever you have been up to, or perhaps share if something has been bothering you!

Daily Question: "If you could change the world in a way, what way would it be? What are you changing about it?"

I am glad to hear these raffles help people (seriously, that's why I am back) and to everyone that has been a part of these, I wish to thank you!
Stay hydrated, help one another, but most importantly have fun with life!
Your Local Mad Scientist
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