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I don't know what to talk about, what to name this raffle, or what to do so I decided to just create this raffle to just dump abunch of my thoughts my beautiful brain has. Read if you want, though I know 97% of you guys won't. Doesn't matter to me, I'll still write it all here. 

So uh, man, where do I even begin? I mean, I play video games so thats a good spot. So yeah I'll talk about that. So I play Hotline Miami a lot and I recently did some custom campaigns. Pretty neato. Infact, there are about 10k workshop items for Hotline Miami 2, so I think I could play that game for ever. I did get a really fast time on Subway too. Top 10 on the in-game leaderboards and #4 on speedrun.com. So I guess that's interesting. You probally don't care. Unless you do. Maybe you do because you are reading this. 
Well, my music playlist got to 112 songs, so thats interesting. You want to see it? Uhh, well, no. Well, maybe some other time. Not now. 
Oh, yeah, I played in the Casual Competitive event on creators.tf. Really interesting. I've always been interested in competitive but I've never played it. The reason being is that I don't use mics, which are incredibly important for relaying information. I mean, I'm socially awkward (if you couldn't tell...) and I don't even like my own voice. I'm also mute. Kind of, not fully but I don't talk much. I only talk to people that I know. Andd by "know" I mean family. Thats it, thats all I can talk to comfortably. Man, being an introvert sucks. Sometimes I wish I were extroverted, or at least more extroverted. Oh well, whatever. 
Man, this is starting to become a big wall of text. Not surprising though. I mean, if you documented everything your brain thought of it'd be a long wall of text too. Probally more interesting... or weird... or gross... or maybe not. 

Okay well, I think that's all I have to say, or can say... or want to say. So this has been a nice little look into my head. If you care. Your probably just here for that Huntsman. I don't blame you, it does be looking kind of cute rn. I'd cuddle with a huntsman uwu. Well, only if it let me. 
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