A dive into the Foundation #2 - Valravn Corporation

This time kicking it off with one of the newer Groups of Interest

The Valravn Corporation is an Anomalous Private Military Company, mostly operating in politically unstable regions where the presence of organizations like the Foundation and the GOC is less prominent. They are mainly hired by governments to suppress anomalous rebel groups and protect their interest against otherworldly threats.

Valravn sells itself as a specialist in "anomalous security and counter-insurgency". It specializes in the weaponization of myth-related anomalies as well as paratechnologically augmented soldiers. The origins of the Valravn Corporation can be traced back to the fall of the legendary mercenary Jomsviking order and it is believed to have existed throughout history in various iterations. Valravn professes a syncretic belief in pagan Norse determinism combined with hyper-capitalism worship, which it uses to ideologically justify its mercenary business.

Their relationship with the Foundation is tense, with an unstable peace maintained as long as Valravn commits to operating under the Veil. However, Valravn's ongoing conflict with the Serpent's Hand splinter cell, Las VĂ­boras, has complicated this agreement.
Whats the most dangerous species alive?
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