Upcoming changes to how our rules work

I'm sure you all know there's 2 groups of people around here. Those who've read the rules "properly" and those who haven't.
This is going to change.

We will no longer have a separate user group and "mark of shame" for users that don't meticulously read our rules.
There will be no more rules secret, just the normal accept button to confirm that you agree to follow them.

All blue and gray user groups will be merged into one blue user group.
The gray color will still be selectable by all users, if they choose to use it.
Rules M1 and M6 are being removed.
The mark of shame badge is being removed, but the companion cube badge will remain for historical purposes and will no longer be obtainable.

This change is taking place because there's no reason to have it anymore. It's only there as a mark of shame on users and for everyone else to make fun of them, which just isn't nice.
It doesn't matter from a moderation standpoint. Anyone who breaks the rules and is reported is treated the same way.
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