Raffle Shit 78

The last few days have been repetitive but calm. I love it. But i'm looking forward to the easter holiday and the summer because I have some neat plans and I can't wait! For now I will just have to wait patiently or maybe something unexpected but cool is gonna happen soon. I think my cold and throat disappeared completely now so I can start doing all my crazy stuff once again!
Everything is just going so great and I really love how things just keep getting better for me everyday. Never thought i'd say it but I am actually starting to enjoy school a lot more now. Everything just goes so smooth and easy which is weird because I always had some kind of disgust of school. Maybe because I start to enjoy it now or something? I really have no clue but I love this feeling!
Anyway, take care and love you all
Imma BLJ in ur cereal and succ it up
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