365 Days in a Daze - #11

'Three hundred and sixty five days in a daze
Spent up in a screen of purple haziness
My affair with this lady named laziness
Laissez-faire mon frère, au revoir les enfants
And... on and on it goes like a marathon
On and on it goes till the break of dawn of a new era
Who better to usher in the age of extras, et cetera, et cetera?'

Oh man, is this raffle late. It's 9PM, which means I very nearly missed today. I completely forgot to raffle this morning since I created the finale of my previous series, A Little Something (which includes an aussie tomislav!). This will mean that if I create my raffle at a good time tomorrow, these raffles will be open at the same time for a while, as it'll only be maybe nine hours later that I raffle #12. Anyway! Today I finally bought Pokemon Moon. I had been procrastinating it and buying Steam games but I ordered it on Amazon so it should be delivered soon enough. I never really grew up with Pokemon, I started playing when X&Y first came out, and I honestly really love the games and have been playing them since. I was into competitive for a while, I think that was all the way back in 2015. It's been a while since then, huh?

I'm undecided about whether I like this song or not. Give me some opinions
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tks ;) :)
365 days ina yare yare daze
Talonflame was finally nerfed. Thank god! Oh, and Gen 7 is a lot more story-oriented than many of the others. A lot less "open world" in that regard, but still amazingly written despite the terribly obvious foreshadowing :/
Nice song that you got tho
What's new pussycat? Sorry got that song stuck in my head XD
Hf playing pokemon moon!
Well Y&X was and forever will be the most Hyped Pokémon game yet and it was the best selling Pokémon game in the series I believe



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