365 Days in a Daze - #11

'Three hundred and sixty five days in a daze
Spent up in a screen of purple haziness
My affair with this lady named laziness
Laissez-faire mon frère, au revoir les enfants
And... on and on it goes like a marathon
On and on it goes till the break of dawn of a new era
Who better to usher in the age of extras, et cetera, et cetera?'

Oh man, is this raffle late. It's 9PM, which means I very nearly missed today. I completely forgot to raffle this morning since I created the finale of my previous series, A Little Something (which includes an aussie tomislav!). This will mean that if I create my raffle at a good time tomorrow, these raffles will be open at the same time for a while, as it'll only be maybe nine hours later that I raffle #12. Anyway! Today I finally bought Pokemon Moon. I had been procrastinating it and buying Steam games but I ordered it on Amazon so it should be delivered soon enough. I never really grew up with Pokemon, I started playing when X&Y first came out, and I honestly really love the games and have been playing them since. I was into competitive for a while, I think that was all the way back in 2015. It's been a while since then, huh?

I'm undecided about whether I like this song or not. Give me some opinions
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Oskad said
tks ;) :)
Mtiga said
365 days ina yare yare daze
SPAce Decker said
Talonflame was finally nerfed. Thank god! Oh, and Gen 7 is a lot more story-oriented than many of the others. A lot less "open world" in that regard, but still amazingly written despite the terribly obvious foreshadowing :/
LOL Assassin said
Nice song that you got tho
PFried Potato Garlic Knishes said
What's new pussycat? Sorry got that song stuck in my head XD
PDead meme said
Hf playing pokemon moon!
PMr.L (Myst. Figure) said
Well Y&X was and forever will be the most Hyped Pokémon game yet and it was the best selling Pokémon game in the series I believe



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