So, I watched Boston Strangler (2023)

(MAJOR spoilers ahoy!)
In the early 1960s, a reporter for the Boston Record American named Loretta McLaughlin is searching for a way to cover local crime stories instead of doing boring reviews for toasters or some shit. While rifling through some of the newspapers she's clipped out, she notices that several recent murders of elderly women share remarkable similiarity to one another. Convinced that there is some sort of connection between them, she embarks on a great crusade to publish this story and potentially shine light on these killings with the assistance of fellow reporter Jean Cole - killings that would live in infamy as the doing of "The Boston Strangler". Right off the bat, let's clarify something here - yes, this is based on the real-life Boston Strangler murders, and as this is my area of interest, let's delve a little bit into the film's accuracy. It gets most of the things right, from the two women's involvement in publicizing the killings, the accusation that Albert DeSalvo was the Strangler (and the eventual doubts that he was an attention seeker) and the end of the case - however, it does take creatives liberties. Examples would be characters like Det. Conley (based off real-life detectives), renaming one suspect (given the name "Daniel Marsh" instead of his popular pseudonym "David Parker") and suggesting at the end that McLaughlin doubted DeSalvo was the Strangler (which was not the case, she died holding that belief). There's other things I could point out, but let's cut to the chase - as a historical drama, it was remarkably well made. As a crime thriller, it was a sluggish attempt at recreating David Fincher's "Zodiac". Acting was fine, although the talent of the actor playing DeSalvo was wasted IMO, as he was used way too sparingly on-screen. My biggest complaint would be with the unnecessary focus on the unrelated 1965 murder in Ann Arbor, MI, and the belief that it was somehow connected to the case - while it's an alright excuse to lead to the idea that DeSalvo is possibly innocent*, I believe they should have focused on some of the alternative suspects in the case. Obvious pick would be George Nassar (the inmate to whom DeSalvo confessed and was allegedly coached on the crimes by), but I personally would've like if they focused on a lesser-known one: Charles E. Terry, who was briefly touched upon in the film, but under the name "Paul Dempsey". In any case, the film was a pretty alright, but ultimately forgettable watch. Would only recommend if you're a true crime buff (like me!).
Aaanyway, that's about all, have fun and bye bye

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