Monkey's Paw - "I wish I won ALL the raffles!"

Granted, every raffle from this point forward (public, puzzle, and secret alike) are guaranteed to all be won by you.

People were fairly quick to catch onto this, as many noticed that every raffle was being won by the exact same person every time. Public raffles that were supposed to have multiple unique winners, puzzle raffles that ended without a single solver, and secret raffles that were meant for private use were still somehow being won by only you.

As a result, the userbase was furious, both to you for having this unfair advantage and for allowing this to happen. This made you a massive target for harassment and scam attempts, receiving hundreds of Steam invites everyday. Even the users you once considered friends were out to backstab you, but by the time you realized this, it was already too late. After a few seemingly comforting conversations, one of your "friends" gets you to fall for a phishing link, effectively getting your account hijacked.

Steam support was able to get your account back, but by then it was too late. All your items were gone, both the items you've won and the items you've already had, which in itself took you countless hours obtaining. permanently banned you as damage control, but most of the community still considered the site extremely unreputable.

Since the users were unaware that this was the result of a wish, it was believed that was purposely manipulating the win chances. And if they were willing to "rig" raffles, what's stopping them from rigging something like auctions, or even banking? This suspicion was enough to conceive users to migrate to other trading sites, leaving and its associated sites to wither in popularity.

This wish was made by Namer, send over some monkey :themonkey:
Beatle Man Who Loves His Tomislav
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This raffle ended on 1558098842.
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