I capybara have a dream!

Oh wait wrong Jojo character anyway my dream is to become an emote problem is…Requirements for a new emote:
[*]Upload the file using the forum's file uploader, or imgur or feen.us.
[*]It must be a 1:1 aspect ratio square, you can create padding around it if you don't want the content to be square.
[*]It must be a PNG file with a transparent background.
[*]Resolution must be 128x128 px. (Emotes on the site are shown at 32x32 px)
[*]Must be scaled correctly, if it appears stretched it won't be added.
[*]Must be high fidelity and low noise/compression. Don't convert from JPGs!
[*]Must conform to the site rules, so no NSFW/suggestive stuff.
[*]Only one emote per post allowed. You may suggest multiple but not in a row or so close to each other.
[*]No emotes that are just bad memes or used for shitposting.
[*]You must submit a name along with it. It must be all lowercase with no spaces. You may use _ but not -
[*]Only post one version and one name for your emote. We won't choose for you!
[*]If your emote is of a non-original character your emote name cannot contain your username.

it’s speaking on some ancient alien language so I don’t really know how to do it but I will do it so give me some advice like I do not know how to make a transparent background should I use photoshop anyway I’m sure 1 google search is enough to find these answer but I get distracted easily and I kind of started drawing dumb things on capybara’s again and that’s how Jotaro came to life oh yeah I also made another guy it was ummmm Spam yon? Spantwong? Eh can’t remember it’s from this game called deltarune don’t know if you guys know it pretty small fanbase saw nobody talking about it here no pfp’s anyway I’ll probably show him soon
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sexy witch costume
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