Big K's gunsmith workshop #2

Today's raffle is sponsored by T.D.E.Inc.
Tiny Desk Engiennier - even more useless than normal one"
Welcome my m8s in my workshop.
Because I had no orders from you last time, I decided to make some random weapons for Engi (Engi mains should be happy).
Well, I was looking for some specific weapons to make sets but I didn't want to lose more scrap. God Damn. I paid 1.55 ref for those guns. I could buy a hat for it.
*Frontier Justice - did you ever want a gun which have guaranteed crits? Today is your day m8, because we have Frontier Justice. This weapon stores 1 crit shot per each assist made by sentry and 2 crits per each kill. Mabye it has only 3 bullets, but each kill with this baby will wipe out the most of classes in 1 SHOT.
*Eureka Effect - Do you know this feeling - "You want to quickly build a sentry and a dispenser in your base and quickly take them on the battle field but teleports can send peeps only in 1 way"? No problem partner. Eureka Effect will send you quickly to your base or your exit teleport when and wherever you want. And it makes your teleports even cheaper. Only 25 metal for each one. Yes, 2 teleports in price of 1.
*Southern Hospitality - Everyday are you afraid of Spies creepin' around your sentry nest? No more. Southern Hospitality is the worst enemy of Spies in your arsenal. Each hit with this baby will make them bleed like a pig. What's more, when they try to cloak you will still see them because of all this blood dropping form them.
*Widowmaker - Are you afraid of running out of ammo? That's the past. With Widowmaker you have to worry no more.Mabye each shot uses your metal (20 metal per each shot) but if you hit, it refills your amount of metal. Weapon only for good Engies who actually can aim.
*Short Circut - Ok, Demo and Soldier spam rockets and granates into your sentry. What do you do? Use a Short Circut. Each shot will remove those rockets and granates like little ballons. Than let the sentry finish the job. Also a great weapon agains clocked frenchies.

Anyway, thank you m8s for taking part and wasting your time in this raffle.
I'm waiting for next orders.
So good luck and take Płotka for your adventures :horse:
And see you next time
Back to my old self... again :)
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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw :sentry:
OP as hell if used correctly
The Tiny Desk Engineer is made by Doctor Lavle, and I like it.
Sry m8s for mistakes. I made this raffle in a hurry and didn't look closely for mistakes. Don't beat me.
Sir Rock or... well atleast i made a site for it :o
HOLY F***! thats me company :D!!!




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