Nerdcore Mixtape #474) Metroid Prime 2: Torvus Bog Remix - Vector U

Yesterday's Mixtape: Duke Nukem Forever Thrash Metal Cover - Arathrum

Arathrum week has come and gone. Now moving on to more artist and music styles.

I never had much of a chance to really play the older side scroller Metroid games to great extent when I was growing up. I did have the first one on the NES, but as a kid I never got very far in it. It was in the game cube era however, that I got and fell in love with the Prime trilogy. Prime 1 was amazing, and then Prime 2 a master class in shooters for a console. Prime 2 is probably my favorite of the 3. None are bad, despite some haters of Prime 3 on the Wii... they are wrong lol. Prime 3 is still good. only not as good as the first two.
Here's a remix of torvus Bog by Vector U!

Be sure and let me know what you think down below!
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