Done with TF2 - 7 Months Later

Note : If you haven't read my previous raffle, a lot of what I say will not make sense. Here it is -

So about 7 months ago I made a post talking about how I am quitting TF2 for good. This will be an update for that. After I posted that raffle, I thought I would never go back to TF2. 2 months later, I'm back into it. But I didnt play it like I did before. Before I 'quit' I played a looooooot of TF2. Like, a ton a ton (do note this is my trading alt so i don't have many hours on this profile). After thjose 2 months, I only played every other day, for an hour or so. And it went on like that for another 5 months. EVERYTHING I said made me leave in my previous post? The hackers, spawncampers, tryhards? It's only gotten WORSE.  The big waves of bots are pretty obvious to everyone, but as someone who left TF2 before they even became a huge problem? It's unbearable. Every other match there is a bot that the other team absolutely refuses to kick. That brings me to my next point, spawncampers. I guess when I say spawncampers, I mean unbalanced teams in general. This problem has only seemed to get worse for me as well, as most matches at least half of my team have just installed the game. Every match is a coin flip really, will I get 11 f2ps or 11 pub stompers? It's not fun. Tryhards in general have always been around, and to be honest, it's not like tryharders and trying harder after my break. I think it's just way more obvious because of the skill gap between the new players and them. I'm pretty sure everyone who was mediocre left for the same reasons I'm stating right now, only leaving noobies and veterans. One last point I want to talk about that I had not really talked about in my previous post is the toxicity. I feel it has gotten tremendously worse over my break. I am not talking about the community as or r/tf2, I'm talking about the people in the game. I think people have become much more hostile then before, and it's not too fun to play when you have 6 people in chat at any time being a jerk. I've personally noticed myself getting more toxic in game ( I'm not really a toxic player, but when I say 'more toxic', I mean whenever I would have kept my mouth shut about something, I instead say something rude or unnecessary). Most likely this is happening due to everyone being frusterated due do the reasons I have stated.

Well, there you go. I mainly wrote this so people could why a die hard TF2 player could give up on the game, and showcase the problems I have with the game that I know a lot of other people have. I also have other stuff I need to do tonight and therefore have not spellchecked anything, so if something is confusing, my apologies. 
Quitting TF2 isn't something you just do. It's a sad, slow, burn out. 
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