Valve is making arrangements with, TF2 Classic, etc. (modders)


"It has come to the attention of Valve's legal team that a lot of community mods have been using their leaked source code as a base. Valve has temporarily requested the takedown of the downloads, as the distribution of leaked code and assets is an issue for them.

But Valve is primarily a company of modders and has shown serious interest in making sure these projects can continue to grow in the right way: the current idea they have is some sort of proper mod base and Steam Workshop support for TF2 which would have massive implications on the ability for community-created content to actually get the attention it needs to reach the majority of players and continue development.

They're currently looking for community interest/input, and this could be a great opportunity for the game. But at the same time, if they don't get clear and informed answers on what the community actually needs in terms of modding support, they may very well lose interest. This also goes for the general drama which has caused problems not just in community forums, but among these community developers.

The teams behind Creators.TF, OpenFortress, and others have come together to draft a clear statement to Valve on what needs to be done. If you yourself seriously work on a mod, begin considering and drafting all the things you need from Valve, what your project contributes to the potential of the game/franchise, and how the source code leaks have helped you in being able to develop.

If you're not, let any modders you may know about this, but more importantly, do everything you can to minimize the drama within the community. Valve has a track record of abandoning things when they lose interest and it's very likely that if we as a community screw this up, there won't be a second chance.

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