You ask the Janitor why you have to wear a hazmat suit, but he doesn't. He shrugs. "Working at this place with all it's background radiation builds up a bit of a resistance." You roll your eyes, then glance at the shotgun in the case before you. You were told it's lead lined, but last you checked Mann Co. wasn't particularly concerned with safety measures. "One of the R and D boys was a big comic book fan. He read about this fella who got bit by a radioactive raccoon and turned into Raccoon-Man." You briefly recall reading something like that when you were a kid. "So he chucks it in one of our power pants, forgets it for a couple years, gets fired for being stupid and useless, then lo and behold we find it!" You ask how they got it out. The Janitor frowns, thinking for a second. "It might be best if we don't think about that."

Sorry for the short break fellas, but I'm back! We've got three more classes after this, then we're all wrapped up! But that's a while in the future so let's get down to the raffle, and good luck!
What class would you like me to make and raffle a weapon for next?
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