Im mad and dissapointed of someone i live with, my grandpa

IM SUPER MAD AT HIM,   yesterday my sister told me for real why all the women that came to work home before (take care of us when we were smoleer or  do some chores)  why they always leaved so fast,    he  was  asking sex for money, and even  was with one of them,    i feel so bad for my grandmother I feel she doesnt deserve this treatment,   worse of all,  he can be even talking with some other woman right now  and maybe wasting money on that,  and man this makes me feel so bad  and  makes me see diferent everyone on my family ,   i now feel uncomfortable when im near him  and sad when i see my grandma,  i hate this family,   maybe there are women that hate me for the reason of living here  with him,   and  i will never forgive him for what he has done to my grandma,  i hate him so much, i cant even look him,   and imagine, i hated him before this but this made me just deny him as someone  slightly respectable  
i just wanted to share the thing i hate the most  with the community i love the most,  feel free of telling me what to do in this situation to not breakdown or explode in front of him
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