Daily Nerdcore Mixtape #416: We Didn't Start the Fire [ 8 bit pop / Chiptune ] - Gavin Graham

Yesterday's Mixtape: Main Theme (From "Team Fortress 2") Saxophone Game Cover - Pedro Esparza

So I wasn't too sure what I was going to do for today's song. Last year I either chose not to, or just forgot to make the raffle leaning towards remembering 9/11. Maybe I just wasn't doing that kind of thing yet, as it was very early in this series being #53.
But this series has grown and evolved a lot since those early days, and I wanted to do something special to commemorate that fateful day 18 years ago to the day.
I asked a buddy of mine and they recommended something with We Didn't Start the Fire. I searched and found like six 8-bit remixes of the song, but only this one had lyrics with it. and it's good quality! 
It's the best I knew what to do for this day, so here it is.

Be sure and let me know what you think down below!
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