Emerald Randomized Nuzlocke (11 | Duck & Cover!)

Current team & progress

Areas covered: Route 120, Fortree City gym, Route 115

Auch, a surprise appearance from a trainer's Jirachi nearly killed SeePee
Route 120 catch: ...Igglybuff. All of my why. Sorry if this wasn't quite what you were hoping for, MoriMori. Maybe I should've stuck with catching the Kecleon on the road ahead...
TM37: Magic Coat. And nothing ever shows up in the Scorched Slab, so that's a route that won't be taken
Fortree City gym's new type: Rock. Aw no, these things tend to explode
Didn't want to cheese it with Blastoise/NerfPlayer, but we powered through all the same. The 6th badge is ours! And her gift in the form of TM40: speaking of EXPLOSIONs...
With fly in hand, I can do a bit of back-tracking. TM27: Slack Off. Not bad
Oh crap, I might have walked on a landmine. Thankfully, they didn't blow up
Another evolution? Nah, since the TMs are now all out of whack, I need Loki to learn Sky Uppercut at an early level, 50 as a Combusken vs 59 as a Blaziken...only for me to realize that now he's missing out on Blaze Kick. Damn, I better get a Heart Scale
Route 115 catch: believe it or not. For those that don't know, you don't get to see much of this route, even though it's connected to Rustboro City. There's no easily-accessible tall grass, and you don't have any fishing rods yet either. Anyway...OOOH, a Typhlosion! This team's turning into an AA meeting, because now I have AlcoholicW(izard) on the team
Uh, crap, I dunno, there's a whole randomizer going on!
TM12: Camouflage. Wat
Man, I kept telling myself about those exploding things, and it would've claimed Loki if I wasn't so paranoid about it
The next Pokemon center's still a good distance away, but stopping at the start of Route 121 will have to do for now. And at this point, I've got to make a drastic change for my next segment to make sure everyone gets to the Hall of Fame in a timely manner. Look forward to seeing a lot of different names next time around
On a mission from Arceus
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