Spicy Hats #4 + A sniper rifle

Well then.. back after a 2 week erm.. mandatory hiatus. I've been inside for days, apparently while I was gone Jesse made a raffle for rafflers that was tweaked how i wanted it to be, which is nice. Anyways, let's pick up where I left of

Name: The Swagman's Swatter.

Description: This is the best hat. We couldn't say it if it weren't true. This one's the best. 

Worn by: Sniper.

The swagman's swatter is a community created hat for sniper (contributed by D3v0r). It takes up the hat equip region. It's a wide brimmed hate with dangling corks on the edges of the brim.
In the great-depression era in Australia, a swagman was a worker who traveled from farm to farm for work. These Swagmen would often cork hats to keep flies and  mosquitos away from their face. 
The Swagman's Swatter comes in the qualities Unique, Strange, Unusual, and 
Collector's, and only comes in level 10.

I personally agree with the description, this hat is one of my favorites in the game, if not favorite. One day I hope to get an aces high unusual of one.
What do you think of the Swagmans Swatter?
The iconic pillow man
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