Worst Weapon Loadouts. Part #2 Scout

In this raffle, I will be discussing the worst loadout for scout and give facts about why it is the worst.
The loadout in question is the Backscatter, Crit-a-Cola and the Fan o' War.
First let's start with the Backscatter, the Backscatter is a scattergun, which deal minicrit damage on an opponents back, now for the downsides. It has only 4 shots, compared to 6 and 20% more bullet spread. The weapon is confusing as it wants you to ambush people but the bullet spread makes it less effective, combining it with the less shots, you have a worse scattergun. (If you are not shooting their back)
Next we have the Crit-a-Cola, the Crit-a-Cola is an alright weapon, it gives 8 seconds of minicrits, but when you hit somebody you have a 5 second marked for death, each hit reseting the timer. Combined with the Backscatter, it does the same thing only making you able to deal minicrits from the front and getting hit with minicrit damage. 
The last weapon is the Fan o' War, the Fan o' War is a good melee weapon, having a minicrit effect put over your opponents head when you hit them, but when paired with a scattergun and a secondary that does the same thing, it either makes one or the other weapons obsolete. It also has the lowest base damage for a Scout's melee weapon even with crits, which makes it unusable in melee combat.
Tl;dr: The weapons in the set, synchronise horribly with one another with each having the same upside.
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