Daily Nerdcore Mixtape #613) Zelda : Song Of Time / Temple Of Time Rock Cover - Objectivist Guitarist

Yesterday's Mixtape: Ratchet & Clank 2: Planet Snivelak: Thugs HQ (Metal Remix) - Remstage

 Objectivist Guitarist is an artist I recently discovered and damn is he good! Criminally under seen or known. He doesn't have a large library of content built very much in 4 years, but the works he does have are amazing. This guy is very much quality over quantity, and it shows. I highly recommend checking out more of his stuff, and I do like to showcase lesser known artist in this series to help them out  a bit. I usually get around 1500 people joining my raffle on average, and so I'm guessing maybe a third to half of those actually check out the songs I feature. Still, that's more people that wouldn't likely have seen it other wise and this guy deserves some recognition. 
So this is  Objectivist Guitarist's cover of the Song of Time from the Zelda franchise, and it's honestly one of the best covers of this song I've ever heard.

Be sure and let me know what you think down below!
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