weapon concepts remade

just some few weapon concept ideas how do you guys think.

class:heavy secondary
description: 8 pizza slices in a box all in one at Pizza hu- i mean just pizza.
pros: total health per slice: 100 total health per slice (teammates): 50
there are 8 pizza slices so you can about 8 pizza slices it fills a total for 800hp or 400hp.
cons: 10 second cooldown after eating pizza you have to wait 10 seconds eat another pizza slice.
10 second cooldown after throwing pizza you have to wait 10 seconds to throw another pizza slice.
ammo boxes/medkits cant refill pizza
it takes 1 minute to refill 1 pizza slice
resupply lockers only fill 1 pizza at a time
to eat pizza press mouse1 to throw pizza to teammates press mouse2.

The swordmaster
class: demoman melee
it gives you that overpowered anime character vibe.
pros: damage increases per kill (10 percent increase damage per kill max 5 kills) (max damage: 10-50 percent).
refills 50 percent of shield per kill
increases reloading speed of sticky bomb/grenade launcher (any) after 1 kill by 10 percent.
ability to throw swordmaster damage is about 100-300 depending on range.
press r to throw swordmaster while equiping it.
10 percent bullet resistance.
10 percent crit resistance.
cons: 10 percent chance your screen will be blinded for 4 seconds. (its bassically just like a flashbang is being thrown at you).
after 5 kills with the swordmaster you recieve a 20 percent damage vulnerability (except crits and bullets).
it takes 30 seconds to recover swordmaster after throwing it
50 percent less overheal from medics (if quick fix is used then no overheal) on wearer.
if you dont get a kill with the swordmaster you wont be able to use your primary weapon (grenade launchers wont work but the shoes will). adrenaline pros: 10 percent damage resistance after using it 25 extra hp after using it 10 percent extra movement speed cons: effect lasts for 30 secs it takes 40 secs to get another adrenaline you cant use your melee(medic) and pistol (scout) 10 percent bleed vulnerability after effect for 20 secs no overheal after effect for 20 secs  
which of these 3 weapon concept ideas is the best
I already quit tf2
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