Predicting the final Smash Fighter #3: What Decade?

In the Previous Raffle we predicted the final fighter will be from a Shooter (FPS)

So although this decomfirms a lot of fan favourite characters such as Crash, Sora, Rayman etc, some characters are still hanging on such as personalities from Doom, Halo, Overwatch and of course,  Team Fortress.

But as you see above, alot of these series are spread far out over the years. Doom is a 90s shooter, Halo from the 2000s and Overwatch from the 2010s. So let's try narrow this down to a single decade to find our final fighter. So I ask...

What Decade does the Characters Game Series Originate from?

So basically, what decade did the first game from a certain game series release in? Doom 1 released in 1993, so Doomguy is under the 90s. Halo: Combat Evolved, the first released Halo, was released in 2001, so Master Chief would fall under the 2000s.

Remember this is NOT what decade the CHARACTER  was released in. Game series usually add characters in later installments, say for example Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite. Bioshock Infinite was released in the 2010s, but the first Bioshock was released in the 2000s, so Elizabeth would actually fall under the 2000s. I'm doing this for a specific reason but I won't share until the next raffle.

So get voting below and discuss what characters you think will be the final fighter in the comments.

Bye now.
What Decade does the Characters Game Series Originate from?
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