Daily Topic #103

The extra prize conditions are as usual:
1. If If the winner of this raffle has posted a comment which directly relates to and actually answers the daily topic question, they can claim one additional refined metal.
2. If If the winner has posted a comment which directly relates to and actually answers one of my previous daily topic questions before the additional prize idea was implemented (Before Daily Topic #57), they can claim yet another extra refined metal.

Two rules as usual:
1. You must have posted the comment before the raffle ends otherwise it won't count.
2. What I mean by 'actually' answering the daily topic question is that it must be a valid enough comment.
For example, simply answering 'idk' to a daily topic question does not count.

Today's topic question is: Have you ever owned a Discord Server? If so, how many members does it have? 

I own a public discord server called 'The Divide By Zero Community Server', which was created back in March 2018, as a private server. It currently has 570 members in total, although it used to be almost 800 at some point... until it was nuked for the 3rd time, last year. In case you don't know what 'nuking a discord server' means, it's when someone gains adminstrator permissions in the server and kicks out/bans almost/all of the members in the server, destroying just about everything that the server owner has accomplished. Since it's a community server, I also had to constantly kick out hundreds of unverified users/bots in order to keep the server as active and clean as possible. I would put the invite link here, but of course for obvious reasons, that's not allowed here. Here's a screenshot instead:


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