daily raffle #5

PLEASE READ (unless you don't want to know why i didn't make any raffles for the past few days): hey guys! I'm sorry for the lack of raffles lately, iv'e had a problem with the bot. apparently it swallowed my scrap metal, and i had to get a live support to help me with it.
after that the bot glitched even FURTHER saying i have 2 raffles i won (the raffles i made and ended) and i couldn't withdraw the items, due to the system saying that the raffles were empty.
so i had to go through the process of 3 days to get another live support (from the same supporter btw), had to make a refund request and wait until yesterday. so yeah
that being said, i probably wont be able to cover up the missing daily raffles today. 3 raffles is the maximum =T
when do you guys usually sleep?
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