Let's Make a Game, The Scrap.TF Game! #3

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So we have a bunch of Video game titles in the poll below! I'm proud of many of these titles, and less proud of some of the others .

Remember guys, the genre is a Card Game and a Shooter. Herr Brain provided some ideas for the game "Goal of the game: be the first to build a card launcher capable of incapacitating your opponent." Nice idea. If you have any other ideas about the game leave them below!

But also one thing we are in desperate need of is a... main character! 

Comment below on who will be our main character!

The character can be an already existing character, or person. It could be one of the very rafflers here on the website, or it could be your own creation! Again this will be voted on in a poll, just like the title!
Pick the Title for the Video Game!
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