Dnd shenanigans

Welp, our first boss kinda died in one turn. 

For some backstory, there has been a robbery in the town and we wanted to find the thieves. After a bit of questioning and someone just completely forgetting that they had to ask about the thieves and want to buy some arrows instead, we found a halfling running away with some dude's money. I asked the Dragonborn to yeet me but I just lost half my health to friction burn cause I didn't think about the fall back down. 

We just tracked them with the paladin's divine sense and found a gang of thieves and a big badie with an enchanted sword. I just knew I wouldn't get any loot so I just stole the dude's sword before the fight started and let the big boys finish it. Ngl I was happy to return the sword to its rightful owner the next turn until I saw the 36 damage. 
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