My trading journey so far (1)

So...first things first,sorry for the stuff that I am offering.Ik its super low value but tbf that is not the purpose of this raffle.All I wanna do is talk to people about something that I find fascinating and maybe even start a conversation.Since none of my friends give a shit about TF2,here we are.So I started with only 2 ref(not all of us can afford 10 keys like the cool kids),and have traded my way up to a painted Strange Field Practice with a strange part for players injured,along with a mask and warpaint for my pyro.I guess I guess Ive had it pretty darn good up until this point.You see,all I did was snipe tf outta raffles with super low prices and resell the items i got at a slightly higher price.Its a slow yet steady method of making profit.Ive learned a few tips and tricks from attempting to sell the stuff in question(maybe I will reaveal them someday).Its been almost 3 weeks since I started.Kinda crazy when you think about it.As for my end goal...I guess it would have to be a full set of painted,named and described weapons for the pyro.They dont HAVE to be strange nor unusual or anything.Soooooo yeah thats about it for now.Ill update you guys,if I feel like it.
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