So, I watched Lucy (2014)

[MAJOR spoilers ahoy!]
The titular character of Lucy is a 25-year-old American student living in Taipei who, thanks to her drug trafficker boyfriend Richard, is forced into being a drug mule for the South Korean mafia, who sew a package containing a shiny new drug called CPH4 into her stomach. While kept in detention, she's beaten up by a mafioso who kicks her in stomach: instead of causing her to overdose or something, the drugs spilled inside her cause her to slowly achieve higher mental capacity and grant her superpowers overtime, basically. And so, Korr- I mean, Lucy, sets out to find neuroscientist Samuel Norman and share her knowledge with him, while simultaneously tracking down the other drug mules with the help of the French police captain Pierre Del Rio. Essentially, the film tries to portray itself as an intelligent sci-fi commentating about humanity and our limitations, but what it actually is a nonsensical superhero shlock centering around the myth that humans use only 10% of our brain capacity, and like (almost) all superhero movies, it fucking sucked. No, seriously, Lucy gains literal godlike abilities on sheer fucking accident and now has the ability to control time, space and distort reality to her own will by a designer drug. I won't even try and bother to point out all the insanely idiotic things that I saw, but the most obvious would be: Why did she need to bother showing all that information to Norman speficially? What, is he the only neuroscientist in the entire world who has developed such an extensive theory, that she has to travel to Paris to get to him? Why didn't she kill Mr. Jang in the hotel, since she obviously has no qualms about killing the other mafiosos and even civilians, like the guy the doctors who first examine her were operating on before she unscrupulously shot him, or the cops/civilians that died during the car chase in Paris? I can go on and on, but to put it simply and with much less words, I agree with the filmmakers on one thing: the audience for this film really is represented by Del Rio as, just like him throughout the entirety of the film, they'll be left completely stone-faced and unphased by whatever is happening on the screen, as it's all just CGI and pretty visuals anyway. It's a real shame to think that this film is directed by Luc Besson, the same man who made one of my personal favorite films of all time (Léon: The Professional for whoever's wondering), but hey, nobody's perfect. [thanks to Turkey Butt for recommending me this film!]
That's about all, have fun and bye bye
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