Gwent Tournament with #1

Recently I started a 2nd playtrough of The Witcher 3 and I had a fun Ideia for a new Raffle Series a Gwent tournament.

The rules are the same as Witcher 3's version of Gwent not the stand alone version, you guys are gonna have to give me some time since I have't completed my decks in game and I'm gonna use it to generate your deck and the opponent's deck also I'm not gonna have that much free time in the near future so bear with me. 

I will be aware of the composition of both decks so in order to make it fair I'm gonna have to let a random picker play for me, otherwise I will have and advantage, this will most likely lead to some dumb plays. The only things I'm allowed to do on my own are passing, picking which card the Decoy special card affects and using the leader ability.

You guys are gonna have to beat 4 opponents to win ,the first is using the Nilfgaardian Deck which Deck will you choose ?
Which Deck will you play ?
The Battle Royale Guy
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