Do better against Demoknights

I am a Demoknight (DK) main and, although I don't have too many hours, I've seen a lot of players commit simple mistakes. I hope this can be of use to anyone. For the sake of discussion I will not account for random crits, or else any discussion would be useless.

I think the most important thing is to NOT UNDERESTIMATE DEMOKNIGHT. I think most kills I get are because the enemy thinks I won't hurt much. A melee-only class sounds stupid, but if you let that idea get into your head, they'll be killing you.
Charge attacks are scary. Two of the three shields can give DK a guaranteed crit. But something good is that those two shields also cannot turn very well. DK only gets the crit on the last moments of the charge, so if you wanna dodge him, walking backwards may work, but if you miscalculate, you're putting yourself in the crit range. Since these two shields cannot turn too good, walk to the side too. I know how it is, I panic a lot and just walk backwards out of instinct, but if you're able to think about it quickly you'll be avoiding some deaths.
When Demoknights charge, they probably won't get that charge again for the next seconds, so you can take advantage of that. They won't be able to escape very well anymore.
About the Tide Turner, when the DK using it takes damage while charging, the charge meter reduces, keep that in mind.
Use your ears. Everyone only uses their ears for spies decloaking, apparently, because I see a player looking away from me, Demo yells "AAAAAAAAAAGH", and they don't look behind at all.
Notice the sword and shield. Eyelander Demos could have a lot of health and speed. Skullcutter Demos do more base damage. Persian Persuader Demos will never stop charging. Splendid Screen Demos deal more shield damage. Chargin' Targe Demos have strong resistances.

You die to two hits of the sword. But you're also very fast. Don't get in range of the sword. I know your shotgun works greatly when you're kissing the other player, but that can also put you in danger. Doing the general Scout strat of jumping around crazily also works great (at least against me). The Force of Nature is a great weapon against them.

Your Rocket Launcher is leagues better to use than any melee. Unless you're at very low HP and you're in a small space that you know you will self-damage (and you don't have a Shotgun), you should use your RL for one of two things. Either use the knockback to keep the Demoknight away, or if you'd rather leave, rocket jump.

Goes without saying that the airblast completely nullifies Demoknights, use it more, but I'll talk about something else. Let's say you can't airblast for some reason, such as you're using the Phlog. If you have the Axtinguisher, you can deal great damage. If you have the Scorch Shot, you can cause small knockback. If you have the Detonator, the Thermal Thruster, or the Powerjack, you can escape. Don't forget that the charge puts away the afterburn, so don't rely heavily on afterburn damage.
Airblast is the best think against DK, but don't stand still airblasting. Use the airblast to keep the Demoknight away while you kill him or while you try to escape. I've seen cocky Pyros do nothing but airblast.
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