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This was supposed to be 399 but I got 2 replies at the same time and it jumped to 400.
Anyhow you can continue giving me more unread notifications by commenting and replying to my raffles/comments, or both!
Also, go and tell "sup" to this madlad that made me get a lot more notifications.
I got another notification while writing this now its 401
Being home alone gives me a sense of anxiety and courage, yet Im anxious as if someone was gonna come to my house when I live in a neighborhood with a fucking concrete wall that is also electrified and with high security. (Tho my neighbor got her house mugged some years ago so that's why we have a wall)
I may stan Minecraft youtubers (But not dreamteam im not a 15 year old girl who thinks she's quirky or some shit)
I need MORE 
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