Smash Thoughts: Hero

Let's get straight to it. I fucking adore this character. Why? He's just so fucking stupid and I love it. Ok, here's a general summary before I get to the meat of the character.

Hero is a swordsman, similar to Link. He's got a sword and a shield, and a wide range of magic attacks at his disposal. Most of his neutrals are pretty slow, most notably his Bair. Hero is also a very stronk boi. Like seriously, he's got some nasty tools with him. Case in point, his neutral B, Frizz, Frizzle, and Kafrizz. Frizz and Frizzle are your standard fireballs, Frizz acts similarly to Young Link's Fire Arrows, as they pop up opponents, and Frizzle knocks them away. But Kafrizz? Ohhhh boy. Kafrizz is one of the best, if not the best, kill move in the entire game. It can kill at around 80 or so, which is pretty nuts. His fully charged up B and side B are also pretty powerful, Kaswoosh being able to set up a Kafrizz, and Kazap being a great option at the ledge.

Now, onto my favorite move in Hero's kit, Command Select. This one is fun. You get a random selection of 4 spells from a pool of around 20, and they're some good fun. Notable ones being Whack and Thwack, Kamikazee, Magic Burst, and Hatchet Man. Going through each of them, Whack and Thwack have a chance to instakill, that chance going up with percent, Kamikazee being a large blast that kills Hero, but also is stupid powerful, and can kill at like 50, Magic Burst being effectively the same thing, but it gets more powerful with the more MP you have, and it just takes MP instead of your life, and Hatchet Man, the big, slow, strong attack, that can also break shields. There's also things like more projectiles and stat boosts in there as well. And don't forget Hocus Pocus, which is RNG, the spell.
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