I donated to the Operation Rewired Rampage charity event and bought my friend Dying Light 2 for his birthday!

Seems I've been really charitable today, I've been planning to donate to the Operation Rewired Rampage charity event ever since I heard about it and I did it on the day that just so happened to be the day before my best friend's birthday . We've been friends for what must have been over 9 years now, and we've always been close since we met. Sharing our steam library together and working on projects in school together. With one of his favorite games being Dying Light, and him hogging my account every now and then to play Dying Light 2 on steam, I decided to buy him the game for his birthday . I had a $50 Steam gift card I haven't used yet so I used it to buy that game. I cant wait to wake up in the morning and see a text from him about getting the gift! Plus since I donated $15 to the charity mentioned earlier, I got two of the charity items in TF2. The Genuine Rewired Rampage Quarrelous Quartz and Genuine Rewired Rampage Perilous Peridot. Definitely gonna be items I'll wear a lot, they look pretty, but also show that I donated to a charity helping people in Ukraine . Its nice to be able to show my support for something I really believe in, I've been following the Ukraine news ever since it really heated up with Russia and its been deppressing to watch to say the least. Hoping even the littlest I did will be able to go a good way in helping those still living in Ukraine. Awesome to see the charity goal reach $31,000! 
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