TF2: The Harsh Reality: #23

He took Edgar to the hideout, where he and his group would tie him to a chair and interrogate him. This was their biggest lead yet. When Edgar finally gained consciousness he was in this dimly lit room and five men were around him. Tim was one of them.
"Where am I?" Edgar asked.
"That's none of your business. Now tell us who you are." Tim said.
"My name is Edgar Walters." he said.
"Edgar, what is your profession?" Brett asked
"I'm a... I'm a writer." he claimed
"Uh-huh, sure you are. Have you ever written a book?" Ned asked
"Yeah, but it's not my newest one." he said
"What is it called?" Mike asked
"I Don't Want to Save the World, I Only Want to Be Funny." he claimed
"Uh-huh. If you really are a writer, then how come your resume says you work as a sergeant at Gray Co.?" Tim asked
"Don't think lying will make you better. We found out everything we need to know about you anyway."
Edgar was getting scared. "What do you mean?" he asked.
"According to a few archives from your company, it was you who proposed the idea of invading Coal Town five months ago." Ernest said.
"I did?" Edgar asked.
"Well, did you? Don't think we didn't look into it, because we did." Mike said
"I don't think so..."
"Yeah, you did. This piece of recording is proof that you did." Tim said
Edgar was in panic. Ned played the tape recording of the meeting Edgar, a few of his colleagues and Gray himself had five months ago. It was the day the plan to invade the town was first being discussed. Edgar was the one who came up with the idea, not Gray. All Gray did was greenlit the plan, not knowing that the town was basically defenseless and was equivalent to a sitting duck. Gray thought the people there had weapons to defend themselves. Guess not. Many cover-ups were made up by Edgar and his colleagues. They falsified the report of what exactly happened in the town. The word "non-combatants" wasn't even written in the report. They instead claimed that the town was being guarded the whole time and that the people there were prepared to fight off the invasion. In actuality, they were all unarmed. Edgar did this so that he wouldn't get fired, since it was his idea to invade this innocent town in the first place.
"Edgar, what was the point of invading Coal Town of all places? Where are we right now? The United States? This country is massive and there are plenty of other places that could've been better choices." Ned asked.
"I...I...I didn't think..." Edgar lied.
"Forget about lying, we have you on tape saying it. And guess what? This isn't even the only piece of evidence, there's more..." Tim said.
Edgar's face was as white as a sheet by now.
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