Pokemon Yellow Playthrough #8: Aimlessly Exploring Vermillion City, and the Road to Rock Tunnel

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After leaving Cerulean early, I went into the grass to search for new pokemon. While doing that, Katuu hit level 19 and learned Confusion! We finally have a special attack! This is awesome ^w^ We finally have a chance against pokemon who spam harden! I found nothing new, so I moved on to the underground tunnel to vermilion.

As I beat the trainers on the route to Vermilion, I slowly realized that I actually have no reason to go there technically! I don't have access to the S.S.Anne, and I already have Cut, so there's nothing I have to do to progress the story; I could just head straight for Rock Tunnel! I still want to check for pokemon though, and I'll probably need to beat all the trainers to get more money and XP; we're missing out on a lot without clearing the S.S.Anne. While searching for more pokemon above Vermilion, Wohli became a Fearow! First one I've ever used ^w^

The wild Drowzee to the right of Vermilion crush my team right now! Hypnosis is extremely strong in gen 1, and they're very tanky. Plus, the ones that have confusion have a major type advantage, and nearly the same level. Beating even one of them pushes me to go back to heal, it's nuts! The trainers are also pretty strong; my whole team got trashed by a level 19 sandshrew! I'm gonna need to level up if I'm going to commit to abandoning Bill X3 After flailing around trying to gain levels, I finally found something new in the grass; a level 3 jigglypuff! They're so underleveled that adding them to the team would be a chore, and we already need levels as is. Wish I'd gotten them earlier, like I do in Blue. I found a trainer with a magnemite; for once, I'm actually sad that they aren't steel type in Gen 1; my fighting type moves would've made things much easier. the magneton that came after started putting dents in the team with thundershock and tanking hits! I'm gonna need to shake things up after rock tunnel!

After getting the team to level 21, I braved the journey through digletts cave to get items. I had to backtrack to get DUX for the cut trees on the other side. Thankfully, no terrifying Dugtrios popped up the first time around, and I got the first HM for this run, Flash. Also got another Moon Stone; I don't need them for the dex, but it's nice to know I have spares. I made it back without any dugtrios. It felt like I was in Vermilion forever and for no time at all; I stuck around for a bit, but didn't really do much for the story line. Before leaving Cerulean city behind, I checked in on bill again; it's so weird that the game lets you leave him as a pokemon X3

Katuu learned Poison Powder; it's not good for catching, but I'm glad to have a status move! After struggling with more trainers, I went into the grass by rock tunnel, and found a Magnemite! I knew I could get one here! I guess they're only here in Yellow and FRLG! I wanted to use one, but Red and Blue never gave me the chance. Now I can get a special attacker, and a tanky one at that! Our fragile physical team needs this! And the electric coverage will be very helpful! Kayik only knows tackle for now; I swapped out Tubiz.
Buibui :3
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