World's Most Heinous: Jeanne Weber 'The Ogress'

WARNING: The actions portrayed in this series are not encouraged by me in any way, shape or form. This is for educational purposes only. Read at your own risk.
Background: Jeanne Weber
 was born on 7th October, 1874, in an unnamed fishing village in France. When she was 14, she left for Paris and worked various menial jobs until her marriage in 1893. Her husband was an alcoholic, and in 1905, 2/3 of their children had died. By then, Weber herself was drinking pretty heavily, residing in a seedy Paris tenement with her spouse and 7-year old son.
Events: On 2nd March, 1905, Weber was babysitting for her sister-in-law, when one of the woman's daughters suddenly 'fell ill' and died. Strange bruises were found on her neck but they were ignored by the examining physician, and Weber was welcomed back to babysitting on 11th March. That same day, the other daughter also died, from mysterious 'convulsions'. On the 25th, she was babysitting for her brother, when his 7-year old daughter had a sudden attack of 'choking' - the child surived at first, but wasn't so lucky when her babysitter returned the next day. Diphtheria was blamed for her death, as well as her brother's son, who also died 4 days later under Weber's care. On 5th April, Weber invited 2 of her sister-in-laws over to dinner, and stayed with her 10-year old nephew Maurice while the women were out shopping. When they returned prematurely, they found Weber standing next to Maurice's bed with a crazed expression on her face, and the boy was gasping for air. Chargers were pressed, but Weber defended by brilliant defense lawyer Henri-Robert, who managed to get her acquitted on 6th February, 1906. On 7th April, 1907, a physician examined the death of a peasant's child who had bruises around his neck - at first he thought it was convulsions, but after learning that the babysitter was actually Jeanne Weber, he changed his opinion. He battled against her lawyer again, and he lost, yet again. She then resurfaced as a hospital orderly, and less in a week at the job she was found strangling a child. However, the incident was covered up. She went back to Paris, where she was briefly put into an asylum for vagrancy, but was released. She drifted into prostitution and found a common-law husband. They both settled in an inn on 8th May, 1908, where a short time later, Weber was found strangling the inkeeper's 10-year old son. He had to punch her 3 times in the face before she released his son's lifeless body.
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"jurors were reluctant to believe the worst about a grieving mother", the lawyer didn't have to do much.. also the second time she was acquitted, it was because a second autopsy said the kid had died of typhoid.
Comatose Autoerotic asphyxiation, heard of it? She probably did it to herself though...
Big K [PL] Her lawyer was one of the best out there, that's why :CSDSMILE:
Shit, after death of 2/3 of her children her mind set had to change to "If I can't have any children, nobody will". Still, it is insame that they tried so many times to put her to jail and failed.
Comatose It's a mystery to everybody :CSDSMILE:
How the hell would someone go about strangling themselves?
SwellowBird77 Yeah, apparently. It is possible, but still, 'what' indeed :P
She... Strangled herself? What...
Weapon of choice, indeed :Csdsmile:



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