Won this from a raffle. I don't really have any use for it, so one of you can have it. 

I will take this time to talk about what I've been doing in quarantine. A lot of people are like "Oh no I can't handle this, I have to change my life so much!" but I'm just like "The only two things I've had to change are not visiting my friends once a week and not getting as much fast food." I just sit around the house, do my chores, smoke cigars, play video games, and that's about it. It's been helpful actually, I've been less inclined to order big meals and have been eating about 33% less than I usually have. I've lost about 10 pounds already and that makes me feel good, because I am a bit overweight. Been eating more stuff like canned chicken breast, sardines, mac n cheese, baby carrots, vienna sausages, and other canned goods. Yeah it sucks not being able to hang with my buddies, but I'd rather not risk getting them sick or me getting sick from them.

Another thing that I've been doing is playing Minecraft with a friend. We've had a ton of fun together. We have a running gag where every time I fish up a pufferfish he finds a way to steal it from me and then eats it. I don't know why, but it's kinda funny. We're on a very small island with a few smaller islands nearby and we're living off of carrots, bread, kelp, and whatever I manage to fish up. We do have some chickens on the island that we've been hoarding eggs from so we can make a chicken farm later on. We're up to about 20 eggs now. But yeah, it's nice to play games with friends. I haven't played anything with a friend in over a year and it sucks playing alone. I hope to be able to play with more people in the future so I can enjoy games more than just "Oh whatever, I got bored after an hour." Anyways, hope you have a nice day you who is reading this!
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