The world needs more Reindoonicorns! (#143)

I got tired last night and forgot to make a raffle

My Duna mission was a resounding success :steamhappy::planetmars:

rendezvoused with the space station I put around Duna (which I named "Dunit 1") and tried to dock with it! I say try because there was a lot of failure involved

After lots of resets and attempts, I was able to dock both the lander and the service module with the station! I used the stations fuel reserves to refill the lander (I initially didn't want to use the landers fuel at all until it hit the surface, but I had to use it's engines to rendezvous with Dunit 1; the Ion engines on the service module were simply too slow to do it effectively) and then disconnected it so it could deorbit and start it's descent into Dunas' atmosphere, with it's adventurous crew of 3! 

After surviving the reentry burn and slowing down enough, it landed successfully :steamhappy:

There wasn't too much for me to actually do on the surface (besides collect some quick science, which I technically don't need now that I have all the parts, but I like to collect the reports :weasel:), but just being there was awesome 

After that, I lifted off the surface successfully! This part was the scariest part of the mission, but it went off perfectly! In fact, it was too perfect, I over prepared :steamhappy: I'm super happy this went so well  After getting off the planet, I rendezvoused with Dunit 1 again and redocked with the service module for the return trip. Eventually, I was ready to reenter Kerbin! But this is where the one big flaw in the mission became apparent; I forgot a heat shield for the return trip 

So instead of leaving the service module in orbit or simply discarding it like I previously planned, I decided to keep it and use it as a heat shield  The Ion Thrusters, solar panels, and some of it's xenon tanks exploded, but otherwise it survived surprisingly well Once I was slowed down enough to open the parachutes, I discarded it and gently landed the crew module! I did it! I got crew to the surface of Duna and back!!! And to my surprised, the service module landed safely at walking dist
Which "oonicorn"?
Orange Floaty Otter Weasel!
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