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I recently saw the trailer for the Netflix movie I Am Mother, and it seemed very interesting so I gave it a shot.
I'll try my best to review it without giving any spoilers.

The film's premise is basically humanity has been wiped out in some mysterious apocalypse and a facility with a robot known as 'Mother' that creates test tube babies to repopulate humanity is activated after said event. 'Mother' first starts to learn how to parent a human child with 1 child first, who is referred to as 'Daughter'; both 'Mother' and 'Daughter share a very unique bond, putting a fresh spin on the child/parent dynamic seen in many films and shows.

The film largely focuses on the period in time where 'Daughter' is now a teenager, 'Mother' explains that the world outside is ruined by disease and will kill her if she ever leaves. 'Daughter' starts becoming curious about the outside world. What a shocker, a teenager is curious of life outside, its pretty cliche, but I guess it works in the set premise, but still, it's been done a thousand times and will be done a thousand more.

After a while, a strange woman appears outside the facility begging for medical assistance. Once this lady enters the film the dynamic of a loving relationship between 'Mother' and 'Daughter' changes to distrust, as a living human from the outside is shown, and that the disease seems to be a lie made up by 'Mother'. The film quickly shifts into a battle between who is telling the truth, 'Mother' or a mysterious woman. 

Overall the film was very entertaining to watch, the characters were slightly cliche, but the interactions between them is what soars. This mystery of what are lies and truths in the film is shown in a way you want to keep watching, even if the pacing may slow down in the middle of the film, and start to drag. The rest of the film is well paced and delivers on an ending which satisfies the viewer.
The film is 113 minutes long but probably could have been cut down a bit shorter.

Solid 7/10
Apparently, this is the director's (Grant Sputore) first film, and I am looking forward to what he may do in the future.
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