Krim's Guide to The Lambent Pandemic #8 (25)

Do you really think a parasitic virus like this would only apply to the enemy? The Locust?
Oh no...
Rust Lung...a human disease. That's how it jumped the Species Barrier...
It starts out as some....some kind of fever.
Folks start coughing up chunks of their own damn lungs...and if that doesn't kill them,
They change...
What they become...they're not human anymore.
They're Formers. (Up close)
They're minds and bodies become something to fear.
Just as the old man said, (depending on if you watched the clip...) people start burning up, turning lambent, screaming, and fighting everything that's not lambent. And if they catch the scent of human flesh in the air...well. You best be prepared for a fight. They're screams have taken a dark, melancholy turn...
A former's body consists of the original body of a normal human except twisted and morphed for combat. They're eyes, and mouth area has turned a neon yellow in color and their fingers are replaced with claws suited for digging deep into the flesh of its victims.
Another factor to be aware of is they have adapted to be extremely they are able to crawl under fences and holes in walls by dislocating their bodied to crawl through even the smallest of holes. Their strength has also grown as they can jump up and down from the tops of houses and even larger buildings like churches. 
While these changes are scary and can prove fatal, they can be quite easy to long as you have the right weapon for the job.
Your best bet is to remain at a distance and spray down fire with a lancer or retro lancer.
If you find yourself in close quarters fighting, a gnasher shotgun will be your best friend.
Just like any other lambent form, they will explode upon death.
Luckily, however, they do not explode as much as their lambent locust counterparts. Instead, they explode in a small cloud of lambent dust that only does minimal harm if caught in its range.

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