no fitting title other than "trading story"

Not the usual post I would like to make. I avoid doing so and the reason behind will remain confidential... until an unfathomable amount of people began posting stories of their trading career in the public raffle section. 

1st of August, 2019. 
After some major summer shock, the economy was hitting rock bottom. And then came me, an oblivious F2P who, with all intents, desired for a fancy coat that was the Dead of Night. I already had some ideas of looking for free items when came up on top of the search list. My curiosity got the best of me as I slowly wandered through the entire giveaway section. My eyes were already glued onto the prizes. I could not resist but to register to become a member here. 

Of course, like all new users, I had high expectation for my about-to-be trading career. Joined raffles after raffles after raffles. Nothing could stop me, or at least, that is what my mind lured me to think of. By afternoon, I won a mere, disappointing 2 out of 100 plus running raffles. A coat named Dressperado, and a shotgun for Heavy, the Family Business. It was only now that I realized I was indeed blessed since not many people win on their first day, let alone winning twice! 

With previous knowledge about tradable and untradable items, I boot up the game. Upon entering, I also received a gift. It was the Bounty Hat. Totally hyped up, I hopped immediately onto a trading server, only to be greeted by another barricade. This time, it is account ineligibility for trading, plus the godd*** Steam Guard. At this point, I had felt the harsh reality of getting into trading in general...

I'm levitating...
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