A Homewrecker A Day... #34

Keeps the Spy away! Be a pal to your Engineer!

Holy heck! Almost missed it! 

But I did make it in time! Today was a bit busy. Went to my orthopedic doctor today about my hip and had some X-rays done, turns out I have a bulging disc near the base of my spine which is pressing against my hip. I have an MRI scheduled for Friday which will see just how bad it is, and what I'll need to have done. Good news is that surgery is almost guaranteed to be unnecessary. Bad news is that I may need a cortizone shot, and those hurt a LOT.

Also found out that a heat shield or smth is loose on my car, so I'm not allowed to drive unless absolutely necessary until my car is fixed, so I'm gonna be stuck at home for a bit 

Today's question: What do you do when you're stuck at home to relieve boredom?
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