Scrapmas day 7 & csgo for free

So getting the scrapmas thing out of the way: Link

Now here's the good stuff. CSGO is now free, and has a battle royale in it. Now if you don't like csgo or already know everything about this update, then move along. This is just my take on it.

Pros: Small map and small player count. The map is easy to learn, and the small player count result in shorter matches.

The money system. This is really useful. Buying weapons, ammo, and stuff to block other people's signal is a good way to help your survival. Every upgrade on there serves a purpose, and depending where you are, they'll help.

The fact it's free. I just played a game solo and with a friend. Got 1st both times. This might be because everyone else is new, or they don't know the map, or because I'm actually not too bad at csgo, it could be anything. The fact it's free leaves no excuse for you to not at least try it.

Cons: The fact it's free. I haven't done so yet, but I'm sure I'll see a cheater. It's just even easier for cheaters now.

Mechanics. This is actually both a pro and a con. Unlike in some games where you'd maybe open a case with F or E or whatever, you need to either punch the small ones open, or shoot or blow up the longer large ones. This is an interesting mechanic, but because I didn't know about the long one, I was pressing every button on my keyboard wondering wtf to do.

Overly aggressive optimisation. Not too bad of a thing, but sometimes while going through "area portals" as they're known, the game wouldn't update itself fast enough and it'd flash while real quick. Again, not too bad of a thing, but enough to mention.

Anyway that's all I can say. You can say more in the comments if you want. See ya!
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Mutalisk I haven't seen any but everyone said that when tf2 went f2p and with vacnet's learning with its tons of processors, hopefully VAC will get something done.
I'm concerned about the hackers that will flood into CS:GO now that it's free.
「Coronarena」 It always seems like I can't get any good drops. Tf2 or otherwise. It took over 850 hrs to get one drop hat. Betafury, one of my irl friends got an unusual on his first crate when I convinced him to play during jungle inferno.
theoreminegaming Of course, but I got a case and a skin today so I got about £4 just for playing the damn game, which is nothing to sneeze at. Gonna keep playing and hopefully get more cases to sell for more ez monet.
「Coronarena」 Ok, from what I just read about it, that actually seems pretty good. Even though the skin rewards will become as valuable as dirt quite quickly.
theoreminegaming Idk. The one difference is everyone who had it before gets prime whether they had it before or not, while you have to pay if you got the game after this update.
「Coronarena」 Guess I better boot up cs:go then. Still, whats with valve and giving barely anything to people who bought games that they made free?
theoreminegaming Ya get a badge if you did purchase originally.
TBH, I wish they at least gave people who bought the game originally, like some kind of cs:go proof of purchace skin. But is valve, so...
Damn I bought the game for full price years ago
Ha, gottem. Now volvo will spend all of their time counting money instead of working of anti-cheat programs because they don't have to keep up appearances for a free game.
RIP CS:GO. You are good son real good maybe even the best.
Waste of 15 dollars I guess
havent played tf2 since early November
I still love tf2



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