First raffle ever made, and I need some advice

You probably aren't going to read this, but if you are I need some help. How can I grind up my strange winger so it's not just on a pathetic amount of kills (6 at the time of writing this). I bought it as a meme (£0.13 on the steam community market lol) but I actually want to make the kill counter go up. Any suggestions on how to get kills with it? E.g. particular loadouts that could help, certain strategies that could work well in unison with getting kills with winger etc. If you don't have anything to say that's fine too, just move onto the next raffle. I'd appreciate any advice however, no matter how insignificant you think it is.

(I know the winger is a utility over a weapon, but it's be funny to have one with loads of kills on it lol.)
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