Channel Changer: Day XVI

Well, Uniform is officially back on duty. I recommended he listen to the tapes he had missed...all he told me was they were "Interesting".
Golly gee willy-kers! I can dun buleve he fownd dem dere tapes interestin!!! He-YUK!!
[cough] ...sorry.
Millie's out of jail...which means it's only a matter of time before she returns to "A La Closet", the finest two-by-six foot resort in Arstotzka. Or, for you metric guys, that's about sixty-by-one-hundred-eighty centimeters.

Uniform wants me to arrest some alien with a gas mask who, as he put it, is delusional. Trouble is that my superior is a little pissed off that Uniform left Lorri in charge, and unless I've got a good enough reason they have ordered me to leave the alien guy alone. Don't get me wrong; this "Survivor" seems alright, and Lorri was a little strange, but I'm not too sure what my superior has against Lorri. Maybe some bad blood? I dunno, but when they tell me not to ask questions I've learned to do as I'm told. So yeah, sorry Uni, but I can't do shit about your problem unless my superior gives the go-ahead.
[sotto voice] I should've known section six of that contract was gonna bite me in the ass at some point...

And meanwhile, here I am, trying to resist the urge to make my fruits continue to play games of Russian Roulette.

[long groan]

This is Iceball, the Glaceon losing his fucking mind, signing off.
You're NSFW (Never Safe From Waluigi)
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