Welcome down under, mate.

Oi cunts, Welcome to Australia. It's the land of kangaroos, Coral seas, and MEN. Also, don't get scared when people call you cunt or mate, that's just an Australian way of saying friend.

You know, a lot of people give Australia a lot of shit, mate. Maybe it's because it used to be a prison colony, maybe it's because we all originate from theives (and still are). But ay, it's not like anything is gonna kill you… except for the animals… and the seas... and the terrain… and the people… and the heat, okay you know what, maybe we do want to kill you, but that's just the Aussie way of life, mate.

Australia is actually a very interesting place to live, if you ignore the chances of death. We are the tenth most happiest people in the world, somehow, We are the sixth biggest country in the world, even out National anthem "men at work - down under" is one of, maybe even the, most beautiful songs ever made (That song is actually the second result when you search "Australian anthem" on YouTube, and I'm not even kidding).

The Australian flag is also a very classy and beautiful flag, even though I manage to make it look like shit (sorry upside down people). It's a blue background with a commonwealth star in the bottom right side, a British Union Jack in the top right and a star formation called the southern cross on the left. You can't see the southern cross on the flag on my profil pic, because my fat face is in the way.

Us Aussies are know for being kinda tough, and that's not a lie. Boxing a kangaroo, passing by a tornado, getting bit by 5 different poisenes animals (multipal times even), and losing wars against emus, is all in the daily bases of an Australian. And we all even do it in the extreme heat even. But the thing is, that when we are online, we turn away from being a bunch of cunts, and become normal people (except for maxmoefoe and those kind of people, they somehow broke the system). Something even more amazing is the amount of weebs that live down under, like seriously why are there so many of them? Is it only me that have realized it? Did Japan secretly invade Australia in ww2? what happen?
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