Wario Land 4's 20th Anniversary - Domino Row

I love how every time I make tunnel raffles or important raffles, without fail, Steam has to have issues preventing me from making them.  Really fun stuff.  Anyways, next raffle.

Domino Row, the final level of this passage, and it's got a fairly fun or frustrating gimmick, depending on how fast you like to be.  In every room of this level is a row of dominoes which will begin to fall over when you pass it.  You must then race the domino row to the end of the room and hit a switch to win the race, unlocking a blocked off collectible or door.  Some of these rooms are full of water, some of these rooms have a ton of spikes for you to dodge or damage boost through, there's a room where you summon your inner pinball and roll through, and there's one where you're climbing up a bunch of ladders and platforms.  It's a fun little race.

And then after racing during the whole beginning of the stage, you've got the escape sequence, so it's just non-stop running.  And since this is one of the most linear levels and you've just run through them, it's one of the easiest escapes out of all the levels.  Even the more frustrating rooms are pretty much skipped with alternate routes in the same rooms, one of which being a room where you're exclusively rolling and requires some good jumps while doing so to reach some collectibles.

It's a simple concept, a simple room, and it works fairly well.  8-year-old me was pretty bad at it, but going back to the game and doing it over, it's just a bit of good fun.  Don't have much to say about the music, but the constant speed-ups that occurs when starting the domino race and the noises when winning and losing them add a nice little bit to it.

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