Going deeper, you start to feel a fear within you. A fear that something is watching you. You left it as the erchius crystals on the walls giving off some kind of off putting vibe. The whole mining facility went quite deep into the lunar object, possibly going as far as its core.
You come across a door, quite large. Seemingly made of strong materials.

As you entered the door, you see that the room was illuminated by a purple light, coming from a massive crystal in the middle of the room. Inside of it, there were a few miners, consumed by the crystal, which you thought was strange. Then its eye looked at you. SteelBolt had jumped to slash it but, it proved too tough even for him, as the sword slashes didn't even scratch the surface of the crystal. The crystal had started to glow even brighter, shooting out lasers, forcing you two to take cover.

Now, this is a problem. Nothing we have can damage it one bit, you thought. You take a peek, taking a closer look at the crystal. It had a crack on it. Starting from the bottom, which was above a machine of sorts. Looking around, you see that the machine was connected to a power supply. An idea started to formulate in your head.

You tell SteelBolt your plan, telling him to go the power supply and turn it on. You will fire up the machine, hopefully doing something to the crystal. He was doubtful, saying that are you sure it will work?

What are your thoughts?
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